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Just wanted to say that I've known of your work since the olden days of The Daily Click and was happy to see both this and the revised "Karloman" available. I've been playing both and having a blast. Just picked up the Crampons in "Roving...", and wondering just how much more exploration I can do.

Again congrats on making some excellent games. You've been a inspiration to my own game-making efforts. :)

Thanks, that is really good to hear!

Do buyers of Roving in the Dark receive a steam key with their purchase?...thanks in advance for your time, the game looks fantastic!

Thanks! The release of this game on Steam is in the hands of Clickteam so unfortunately I don't control that. I will keep this in mind for my next release!

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Hi! If you're interested (and if there's any text at all in the game), I could translate your game into Polish and/or German. Email me if you want: :)

looks great


Hi, I took a look at your game Roving in the Dark and I was interested in translating it into Brazilian Portuguese. If you have interested, send me a email :)