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Fishhead:Blueprint will be the fourth game in the Fishhead series. The game picks up where Fishhead 2 (2002) ended. The blueprints to the dangerous clone machine were stolen by Tomatoman! It is up to Fishhead to get it back before things get out of hand.

About the game
The game is based around a big overworld which is housing  28 levels and some smaller locations. In most levels you have to collect usb-keys to open doors, find switches, collect hammers and defeat enemies. Some levels have light puzzles. The game has around 30 enemies and other dangers.  You can get new moves (like wall-jumping and swimming) in labs, opening new parts of the game. In some levels you get help from a goose, which somehow stumbled into the game. He will fly you to places, or you can ride him when he is too lazy to fly.

The game features lazy, low-res pixel art graphics and a very limited palette. Giving it a NES or GBC-like look, if those systems could handle paralaxing. The music is using custom chiplike samples made by Jonas Isaksson.


 Little Tomatoman


Ceiling Tomatoman

Spiked ceiling Tomatoman

Barrel Tomatoman

Spiked Tomatoman

Jumpy Tomatoman

Wrecking Tomatoman (on a chain)


Spiked jumpy Tomatoman

 Flying Tomatoman

Tank Tomatoman

Little Pothead

Flying Pothead

Chainsaw Pothead

Jungle Pothead

Pothead bomber

Pothead biker

Pothead jungle biker

Snow scooter Pothead



Updated 13 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsfishhead, goose, low-res, Retro

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Will this gem see a release on Steam?...p.s. keep up the great work

It probably will, thanks!